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Science EXPO

Welcome. On this site you can find a collection of educational experiences with a description of their components and an explanation of their working principle.

It was a fantastic experience to be part of this project. I learned a lot about the operation of various devices. The experiments are very interesting and illustrate well the scientific concepts.

Nino Pereira – 2022

The most important thing for me was having the opportunity to build and customize many of the experiences. Making this work available to the public is very satisfying. It was a big team work of several months that is now available for everyone.

Delfim Pedrosa – 2022

The preparation of these experiments made me want to learn even more about the principles of operation of each of them. I advise all young people to explore each experiment in detail.

Carolina Lopes – 2022

When preparing the experiments, I had the opportunity to understand the function and importance of each component. Only then I was able to imagine and truly appreciate the development work that went into each of the inventions.

António Ribeiro – 2022

When browsing the menu, you can find links to the different areas and pages for each experience. Altogether there are more than 50 experiences to explore. Learn and have fun.